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  The Principals

  Paige Stover Hague

Paige began her corporate life in the legal publishing industry having held senior positions in several of the larger professional publishing houses. Following early success in business and product development she soon migrated to top-level positions in sales and marketing. She has extensive experience as a publisher in both print and electronic media. As the internet became a publishing vehicle as well as a business marketing tool, Paige expanded her focus beyond traditional channels into the wide open spaces of e-commerce and web design.

George Kasparian

George has had an interest in computing going all the way back to his acquisition of an Apple II when he was in the 10th grade. He was a programmer for a large defense contractor prior to going to law school. After he became an attorney he continued to pursue his interest in technology, developing expertise in database design and the programming languages used on the internet. George moved back into the corporate world in 1998 as a developer of software and web applications used by attorneys and financial advisors.
  The principals of Ictus Development each bring a history of multi-disciplinary skills to the firm. Both had early vocations as practicing lawyers but career moves into the world of business caused them to acquire expertise that played to their other strengths.

Ictus principals have expertise in:
  • Web site planning and architecture

  • Page layout and graphic design

  • Integrating the web site as part of the company’s overall marketing plan

  • Content development

  • E-business feature design

  • HTML and Javascript for static pages

  • Perl/CGI for interactive and database driven features

  • Database design and connectivity

  • Apache and IIS web server administration

  • Windows and Unix platforms

  • Project Management/Technical Product Development

  • Marketing Communications and Business Development


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